Sunday, December 14, 2008

NosTale Bot

Bot for nostale(global)

1. Turn On your common sense

2 Download This Files NosTale Bot

3 Extract All The Files

4 Install actoolinstal_540

5 Log in to your nostale>choose char>choose a spot to bot>
!!!monster lvl is -2 or lower than your level ex.:your level is 29 and the monster should be
level 27 or lower

6 open all 4 actool project (1.buffs 2. Fried Chicken 3.Skills 4 Normal Attack)

first buffs
In Game: Put your buffs skills in "W" key ex. Pledge of blood to w key
actool buffs:
Key w
Delay 1000 <---why 3 times?
Key w
Delay 1000 <---if you cast interupt
Key w
Delay 241000 <---time that expires your buffs

Second Fried Chicken
In Game:Buy 297 pcs KFC, Put Fried Chicken o other snacks type food for hp & mp Regen in key "Q"
actool friend chicken:
Key q <---- why only 1? coz uninteruptable
Delay 60000 <---- 60000? millisecond = 1 min so you char take KFC every 1 min to regen HP & MP

Third Attacking Skills (skills earth quake)
In Game: Put your Attacking Skills In Key "5"
actools skill earth quake :
Keys 5
Delay 1000
Keys 5
Delay 1000
Keys 5
Delay 15000 <----why? like buffs settings... change the delay time as your skill's cooldown time

Fourth normal attack:
In Game: put normal attack in key "1" and pick up in Key "3"
actool normal attack swordsman:
note: other distance attack cant loot
.. why?
like in game when you press "3" or "pick up" near item can only
Keys {SPACE}
keys 1
Delay 500
Keys 3
Delay 500
Keys 3
Delay 500 <--- for swordsman this setting fast switch monster, when monster killed, fast loot... it didnt forget to loot
note: be sure you have enough space in your inventory...

Did I said start? ok change all actool project "number of times to run" from "1" to "0"
why 0? unlimited... but dont start

8 Open rsclient.exe choose auto clicker...
set seconds to 10 or what ever time you want.
why auto clicker?... as you point and click you mouse1 into mini map your char will move in a
designated spot... so your char wont go anywhere else...

9 start all actool project from 1,2,3,4 and press f1 to start autoclicker...

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